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100% Pure
Grade A
Syrup Product of / Product du Canada

Add wholesome goodness to every meal with Hayes Pure Maple Syrup A high-quality ingredient for your family table

You want your family to eat healthy, wholesome food, but sometimes eating well can be difficult

  1. Nutrition labels are hard to understand
  2. You don’t always know where your food really comes from
  3. You don’t want to sacrifice taste on the road to health
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In every bottle of Hayes Maple Syrup, you'll experience the quality of a product that is:

Natural No chemicals, no additives. Just pure sweetness tapped from maple syrup trees and cooked to perfection.

Local From our family farm in Tillsonburg to your table - this product is locally sourced and made with love.

Versatile Our maple syrup is more than just a breakfast food. Open up a whole new world of recipes made better with maple syrup.

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Eat Simply, Live Abundantly

Less Sugar, More Goodness Replace the wasted calories of sugar with the nutritious benefits of maple syrup, like anti-oxidants, zinc and potassium.

Less Worrying, More Confidence Stop wondering how much sugar is in your groceries. Take back control over your sugar intake, without sacrificing taste.

Less rushing, More time Enjoy the sweetness of simplicity - like warm meals, full tables and the taste of pure maple syrup in your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Feel confident about the food you're making and serving. Use maple syrup instead of sugar to bring health benefits, Canadian tradition and amazing, natural taste to your family table.